Construction Services

The emphasis on proactively planning the construction efforts, from scope development and design, through the pre-construction phase, consistently results in better cost control, schedule control, and quality control throughout the remainder of the project. Solid management of all aspects of the construction process is the continuation and the successful culmination of that effort.

SCC’s construction phase services include all activities involved in coordinating and managing the construction to a successful conclusion. We customize our services for each project according to the individual requirements of each client. Construction and Post-Construction phase services include:



Construction Phase:

  • Maintain on-site staff
  • Manage testing agencies
  • Prepare detailed construction schedule
  • Monitor progress of the work
  • Monitor construction quality
  • Maintain jobsite records
  • Review requests for payment
  • Assist in the review of change order proposals
  • Conduct regular job meetings
  • Prepare field reports
  • Arrange photographic record of the project
  • Community and public relations – setup site logistics plan by construction phase
  • Review plan with community at public meetings at the beginning of each phase
  • Develop logistics plan which will consist of locating the following:
    • Site barricades/fencing
    • Storage trailers
    • Lay-down areas
    • Contractor parking area
    • Temporary sidewalk and street closures
    • Temporary roads for construction access

Close Out Phase:

  • Develop close-out schedule
  • Coordinate acceptance inspection reports from testing labs
  • Close-out construction documents
  • Coordinate systems testing programs
  • Implement start-up procedures
  • Coordinate occupancy

Post Construction Phase:

Coordinate operations and maintenance training
Monitor contract warranty work