Capital Improvement Projects 

Client Project Cost Description
Amityville UFSD$250,000 Site-work at the Administration Building
Babylon UFSD$212,000 Partial Roof Replacement
Babylon UFSD$240,000 Plaster Ceiling Replacement
Bayport – Blue Point UFSD$750,000 Classroom / Administration Wing Improvements
Bayport – Blue Point UFSD$400,000 Elementary School Heating Plant
Bayport – Blue Point UFSD$1,400,000 Site-work and Heating Plant Replacement
Bellmore UFSD$110,000 Interior Alterations and Site-work
Bellmore – Merrick CHSD$25,000,000Energy Performance Contract
Bethpage USFD$2,800,000Interior Alterations, MEP Upgrades, Site-work
Bethpage USFD$2,100,000HVAC Replacement Alterations (4) Buildings
Brentwood UFSD$20,000,000 Energy Performance Contract
Catholic Health Services of Long Island$1,800,000New Construction of Wellness and Diagnostic Center
Central Islip Fire District$1,500,000 Addition to Substation Number 2
Central Islip Fire District$110,000 Roof Replacement at Station 2
Cold Spring Harbor $2,700,000Interior Alterations, Site Work, Security Projects
Comsewogue UFSD$500,000 Roof Replacements at (3) Schools
Copiague UFSD$94,000 Site-work at (5) Schools
Deer Park UFSD$1,500,000 HS Auditorium Reconstruction & Fire Alarm Upgrades
Dowling College$4,500,000 Sports Facility / `Synthetic Turf Fields
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$3,600,000Roof Replacement at M.T.C
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$220,000Masonry Restoration at B.T.C.
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$450,000Window & Door Replacement
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$200,000Kitchen Renovations
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$125,000Fire Suppression System Installation
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$1,800,000 HVAC Upgrades
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$950,000 Brick Façade Replacement @ I.A.C.
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$400,000 Roof Replacement @ I.A.C.
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$1,100,000 BLC East Interior Alterations
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$280,000Window Replacements
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$370,000Facade Renovations at I.C.C.
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$477,000New Canopy at I.C.C.
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$1,200,000 New Culinary Kitchen at I.C.C.
Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$325,000HVAC Upgrades
Elwood UFSD$92,000 HVAC Upgrades
Farmingdale UFSD$7,000,000 High School Toilet Room Renovations
Farmingdale UFSD$3,900,000 District-wide Boiler Replacement
Farmingdale UFSD$2,600,000 Masonry Restoration and HVAC Upgrades
Farmingdale UFSD$1,000,000 Boiler Replacement at Albany Avenue School
Farmingdale UFSD$950,000 Roof Replacement
Farmingdale UFSD$3,100,000 High School Window Replacements
Farmingdale UFSD$7,500,000District-Wide Window Replacement
Farmingdale UFSD$16,000,000Emergency Performance Contract
Farmingdale UFSD$3,800,000 Masonry Repairs
Farmingdale UFSD$2,500,000Site Improvements
Farmingdale UFSD$5,000,000Site Improvements New Maintenance Building
Greek Orthodox Church of Southampton$11,000,000 New Construction / Religious Worship Space / Teaching & Entertainment Spaces
Greenport UFSD$254,000 Masonry Restoration / Historical Preservation
Greenwich Public Schools$20,000,000 Site Work / Alterations / M.E.P. / Infrastructure
Hauppauge UFSD$3,100,000 HVAC, Site work, Interior Alterations, Window Replacement
Hauppauge UFSD$3,200,000 District-wide Capital Improvements
Hauppauge UFSD$3,800,000 Multi-year District-wide Capital Improvements
Hauppauge UFSD$200,000Science Room Renovation
Hauppauge UFSD$950,000Roof Replacement
Hauppauge UFSD$1,200,000Window Replacement
Hauppauge UFSD$2,100,000New Artificial Turf Athletic Field, Boiler & Flooring Replacement
Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD$30,000,000Interior Alterations, Site Work, MEP Upgrades
Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD$60,000,000HVAC Upgrades, Roof Replacements, Window Replacement
Hicksville UFSD$6,200,000 New Turf Fields, MEP Upgrade, Façade Renovations
Hicksville UFSD$1,500,000 Roof Replacement, Masonry Restoration, Site Work, Exterior Doors
Hicksville UFSD$1,250,000 Interior Alterations / Masonry Restoration
Hicksville UFSD$980,000 Roof Replacement / Gas Conversion
Hicksville UFSD$850,000 Masonry Reconstruction at Middle School
Hicksville UFSD$200,000 Auditorium Renovations at Middle School
Hicksville UFSD$1,500,000 2-Classroom Addition at Woodland Elementary School
Hicksville UFSD$1,100,000 Interior Alterations at High School
Hicksville UFSD$650,000 Masonry Façade Reconstruction
Hicksville UFSD$1,200,000 Athletic Field Reconstruction; Synthetic Turf Field
Hicksville UFSD$3,100,000 Roof Reconstruction / Masonry / Interior Alterations
Huntington UFSD$750,000 Middle School Roof Replacement
Huntington UFSD$650,000 Middle School Window Replacement
Huntington UFSD$500,000 Tennis Court Refurbishment / Site-work / Fire Alarm Upgrades
Island Park Public Library $650,000Complete First Floor Renovations / Electrical Upgrades Due to Storm Damage
Jericho Public Schools $40,000,000Interior Alterations, Site-work, HVAC and Electrical Upgrades, Bus Garage Addition
Jericho Public Library$100,000 Masonry Restoration
Jericho Public Library$200,000 Partial Roof Replacement
Lawrence UFSD $3,900,000Electrical Mechanical Repairs Due to Storm Damage
Leeway School$9,800 Bicycle Path Construction
Long Beach Public Schools $1,400,000Roof Replacement, Window Replacement
Long Beach Public Schools $500,000Security Upgrades
Lynbrook Public Schools $3,000,000Library Renovation, Turf Field
Lynbrook Public Schools $3,300,000Elevator installation, HVAC Upgrades, Roof Replacement
Lynbrook Public Schools $1,700,000 Music Suite Addition
Middle Island Fire District$3,100,000 Addition, Alterations
Massapequa UFSD$3,300,000 New MS Turf Field, Site Work
Massapequa UFSD$7,000,000HVAC and Electrical Upgrades
Manhasset Public Schools $1,400,000High School Turf Field and Track
Manhasset Public Schools $2,400,000Masonry Restoration/ Electrical & Site Work
Manhasset Public Schools $5,500,000Elevator, Security Vestibules, Interior Alterations
Middle Country Public Library$3,600,000 Addition, Alterations / HVAC Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$700,000Network Operations Center Expansion
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$1,400,000Modular Classrooms
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$1,600,000Interior Alterations/ Auto Shop
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$500,000Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$884,000Generator Installation
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$4,100,000HVAC Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$975,000HVAC Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$1,100,000HVAC Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$1,600,000Exterior Door Replacement / Roof Recoating
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$3,800,000Interior / Exterior Renovations, Roof Recoating
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$690,000Modular Classroom Addition
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$1,300,000Steam Distribution Replacement
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$2,500.000HVAC Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$1,300,000Interior Door Replacement
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$2,000,000Site-work / Parking Expansion
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$208,500Sanitary System Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$210,000Demolition Modular Building
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$802,000 Exterior Upgrades / Masonry
Nassau B.O.C.E.S.$900,000Building Envelop Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S. $398,000Electrical Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S. $3,968,000Exterior Upgrades / Masonry
Nassau B.O.C.E.S. $4,806,000 HVAC Upgrades
Nassau B.O.C.E.S. $699,500 Interior Door Replacement
Nassau B.O.C.E.S. $1,306,000PTAC Replacement
Nassau B.O.C.E.S. $424,000Window Replacement
Nassau County Firefighters Museum$1,300,000 Conversion of former aircraft hangar into exhibit space / New Museum
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$19,000,000Primary Care / Executive Offices, / New Construction
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$5,500,000 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation / New Construction
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$3,100,000Labor and Delivery / Renovation
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$1,200,000Medical Library / Renovation
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$1,400,000Cath Lab / New Construction
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$800,000Medical Records / New Construction
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$1,800,000Intensive Care Units / Renovation
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)$600,000 Angioplasty Laboratory / New Construction
New Hyde Park-Garden City Park UFSD$260,000 District-wide Computer Network
New Hyde Park-Garden City Park UFSD$216,000 Masonry Restoration
North Bellmore UFSD$256,000 Masonry Restoration at Newbridge Road Elementary School
North Merrick UFSD$1,600,000Masonry Restoration, Site Development, Interior Alterations
Northport – E. Northport UFSD$820,000 Elementary School Roof Replacement
Northport – E. Northport UFSD$625,000 Elementary School Roof Replacement
Northport – E. Northport UFSD$1,500,000 Track and Field Replacement
Village of Northport $6,200,000Shoreline Sewer and Beach Avenue Pump Station Replacement
Village of Northport $7,000,000Bluff Point Road Sewer / Installation
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation$1,500,000 Shea Stadium & Yankee Stadium Structural & MEP Inspections
NYC School Construction Authority$6.1 BillionContingent Staffing Program / Construction of a New 7-Story Elementary School
Oceanside UFSD$490,000 Tennis Court Refurbishment / HVAC / Electrical Systems Upgrades
Paramount Theatre$5,000,000 Reconstruction / Refurbishment, Alterations / New Entertainment Venue
Plainedge UFSD$5,000,000 New Turf Field, Track, Athletic Complex
Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library$1.5 millionRoof Replacements / HVAC Upgrades
Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library$150,000 ADA Upgrades
Plainview-Old Bethpage UFSD$2,025,000Emergency Generators
Plainview-Old Bethpage UFSD$1,650,000Fire Alarm Upgrades
Plainview-Old Bethpage UFSD$780,000Science Lab Renovations
Plainview-Old Bethpage UFSD$2,786,568(2) Classroom Addition
Port Chester – Rye UFSD$3,200,000HVAC and Interior Alterations
Port Washington Public Library$2,500,000Interior Alterations
Port Washington Public Library$600,000Partial Roof Replacement
Port Washington UFSD$750,000 Window Punch List Development for Claims Assistance
Queens Public Libraries $10,000,000Interior Alterations, Masonry Restoration, MEP Upgrades
Remsenburg Speonk Union Free School District$1,400,000Interior Alterations
Rockville Centre Public Library$488,000 HVAC and Electrical Upgrades
Rockville Centre Public Library$213,000 Partial Roof Replacement
Roosevelt Health Center $350,000 Roof Top HVAC Replacement / Temperature Controls
Roosevelt UFSD$1,100,000 Roofing, Masonry and HVAC Upgrades
Roslyn UFSD$440,000 Partial Roof Replacement at Roslyn Middle School
Roslyn UFSD$5,100,000 Roof Replacement and Auditorium Renovation
Sag Harbor UFSD$250,000 Partial Roof Replacement
Sachem CSD$1,400,000 Additions and Modular Classrooms
Sachem CSD$1,100,000 Wide Area Network for All (21) District Facilities
Sachem CSD$4,200,000 Interior Renovations, Additions, and Modular
Sachem CSD2,800,000 (12) Classroom High School Addition
Shoreham-Wading River CSD$850,000 Interior Alterations
Southampton UFSD$750,000Track Resurfacing, Masonry Restoration
Southampton UFSD$1,100,000 Interior Alterations / Masonry Restoration
Southampton UFSD$1,200,000HVAC Upgrades / Site-work
Syosset CSD$3,000,000Roofing Replacement at (2) Schools
Three Village CSD$4,900,000 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades
Three Village CSD$1,500,000 Interior Alterations, HVAC Upgrades
Three Village CSD$7,500,000 Energy Performance Contract
Three Village CSD$880,000 District -wide Gas Installations
Three Village CSD$1,100,000 District-wide Security Upgrades
Three Village CSD$175,000North Country Roof Replacement
Three Village CSD$1,700,000Security Upgrades / Site-work
Three Village CSD$1,100,000Interior Alterations / New Greenhouse
Three Village CSD$2,494,000Interior Alterations, New Synthetic Field
Valley Stream UFSD Thirty $1,117,000Interior Alterations & Site Work
Variety Boys' & Girls' Club of Queens$125,000 Roof Replacement / Interior Alterations
Village of Sands Point$2,900,000 Pool House / Additions and Alterations, MEP Upgrades
Wantagh Public Library$200,000 Window / Glazing Replacement
Wantagh Public Library$1,200,000 Interior Alterations, HVAC Upgrades, ADA Upgrades
Wantagh Public Library$440,000 Roof Replacement, Interior Alterations
Wantagh Public Library$800,000HVAC Upgrades
Wantagh UFSD$468,000 Auditorium Lighting, Masonry Restoration
Wantagh UFSD$158,000 Roofing at (2) Elementary Schools
Wantagh UFSD$144,000 Roofing at (2) Elementary Schools
West Islip UFSD$1,200,000 Site-work at (3) Schools
West Islip UFSD$1,200,000 Fire Sprinkler Installation
West Islip UFSD$8,000,000 Energy Performance Contract
Western Suffolk B.O.C.E.S.$550,000 Roof Replacement
William Floyd School District$24,000,000Energy Performance Contract
Yonkers Public Schools $2,500,000Masonry Restoration ,PCB Abatement, Roofing, Window Replacement
Yonkers Public Schools$2,000,000Building envelope improvements
Yonkers Public Schools $3,500,000Interior Renovation, Window Replacement